Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Great Games

Maryland beat Duke to sweep the season series with the Blue Devils. Villanova needed all 40 of Scottie Reynolds' points to beat UCONN by 4. Actually, they could have just used 37, but who's counting? And Acie Law is the most clutch player in the nation, sending a rivalry game into overtime with a magnificent rainbow three at the end of regulation, a three to take it to a second OT, before nearly pulling off nother miracle at the 2nd OT buzzer. Texas really should have won twice before the end, if not for some Aggie magic. Watching this game and the final minute of Texas Tech, I would certainly give Law a vote for Player of the Year.

Tempo-Free Suburbia with a nice article on the Big East. ND ranks 2nd in offensive efficiency, 5th in effective FG%, 8th in points per allowed, 8th in defensive effective FG%, and 4th in efficiency margin. What's that mean? The Irish are truly the 4th best in the conference, with obviously a better scoring game than defense. Nice to confirm what has already been shown on the floor, but there is still some room to improve.


donald said...

I couldn't agree with you more about Acie Law. I read his wikipedia entry -- one thing that surprised me is that he's actually not left-handed. He broke his right hand in junior high school, ended up practicing with his left, and just continued. Pretty neat.

We've got the clips of Acie Law over at

BlackandGreen said...

Great clips and very interesting story about Law. Talk about talent.