Sunday, March 25, 2007

Second Weekend

Yawn. Is it over yet? A lack of upsets has turned this year's March Madness into the most predictable thing since... the women's tournament. To be fair, the ladies from Marist and Florida State have made watching ESPN much less predictable (and sometimes more interesting) than CBS.

So, Ohio State and UCLA ( a two-seed!) have made it to Atlanta. Florida beat Oregon today to advance. Pony Tail had 14 points and rebounds. Georgetown matches up against UNC right now to represent the Big East, but things are not going well at the 7:00 mark in the 1st half.

Good luck to those still competiting. Hopefully the high level of play will continue to somewhat offset the lack of mystery this year.

EDIT: Georgetown does pull off the semi-upset. The Hoyas come back from 10 down with 7 minutes to go and dominate the overtime period. Great to see a Big East team in the Final Four, especially one we came so close to beating in New York.

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