Friday, March 02, 2007

Year End Awards Upcoming

This weekend, the bloggers for the Big East Power Poll will be voting on the Player of the Year and All-Conference teams, as well as some more awards.

The ballot will be as follows:

Player of the Year (Not on All-Conference Ballots)
5 on First Team All-Big East
5 on Second Team All-Big East
5 on Third Team All-Big East
Freshman of the Year (Not on All-Freshman Ballots)
5 on First Team All-Freshman
5 on Second Team All-Freshman
Defensive Player of the Year
Coach of the Year

Any suggestions for who I should put where? Any predictions on where ND players line up against the rest of the league? Both are more than welcome.

I'm leaning towards K-Mac as PotY. Convince me otherwise.

And here's a story that makes my skin crawl. BUT HE DIDN"T EVEN GO TO YOUR SCHOOL!!!!!! The new unis for tOSU are a joke. Next year, ND can roll out with some MJ patches. I hear Michael likes the Irish. I mean, he played pro in Chicago, which is kinda close.

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