Sunday, March 11, 2007

Selection Sunday

Had a good chat with David Mihm from A couple of notes from the best bracketologist not named Lunardi (though I'll trust Mihm's unbiased insight a bit more).

  • #1 Seeds are set in stone- UNC, Wisconsin, Ohio St., UCLA- The rest are hurt by nonconference shceduling or simply less impressive resumes (Florida, Georgetown, Kansas)
  • Notre Dame might go as high as a 4 seed, but not any higher- Understandable. He projects ND as a 5 seed currently, but allows one-spot leeway depending on how the committee plays matchups (the committee can move a team up one or down one to keep conference opponents from playing each other too early, etc.)
  • Russell Carter is a great under-the-radar player. Russ could surprise a bit in the tournament with a little hot shooting.
  • Notre Dame also could be a very surprising team if the shots fall early, as teams that shoot well generally play well in the tournament.
  • Both Mihm and one of his writers, Matthew Stevens, enjoy Jay Bilas' analysis. Stevens also likes Majerus at times, but both have found Doug Gottlieb to be incorrect regarding the selection process
  • For a little taste of Mihm's writing, check out

Enjoy your Selection Sunday!


Bryan said...

Well, you got your wish...ND is the underdog in the second game, and, as i predicted, will be the 'underdog' in the first game as well according to the entire country...Typical anti-ND basketball bias

BlackandGreen said...

Winthrop is "this year's George Mason." Hate to break it to you, Packer, but those teams come around once a decade. Most Cinderellas are the teams that no one predicts. Keep playing up Winthrop, please.