Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Boeheim vs. Gottlieb

Everyone's favorite criminal (as in real criminal, not just criminally bad) analyst Doug Gottlieb picked the 'Cuse to win tomorrow. This coming after a few weeks of feuding between Gottlieb and the Syracuse faithful, including coach Jim Boeheim. I think this post describes the feelings pretty well.

Parrish at CBS Sportsline has ND at a 4. Any real chance at a seed that high requires at least one win in the BET, maybe a finals trip. Good luck against Syracuse, gentlemen.


MariusJanulisForThree said...

Thanks for the link.

Good luck tomorrow...with Gottlieb picking the Orange my whole universe is upside down. Black is white, down is up, cats and dogs living together....MASS HYSTERIA!!!

Bryan said...

As I pointed out Tuesday, the point spread for the game ended up being ridiculously low,with ND only -1 as of last night. I would bet by 2PM is becomes Even or maybe Cuse -1...The line should have been ND -3

Bryan said...

#1 Reason why ND won: I wasn't there. This is probably the first BET game involing ND i haven't been to in 5 years, and of course they win this time....Remind about this when I try to talk myself into going tomorrow night