Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Play-In Game

Niagara vs. Florida A&M tonight, which is about as exciting as watching paint dry (and people still want to expand the best playoff system in sports). The winner has the honor of losing to Kansas. Good luck with that.

On the expansion issue, the whole point of the 65-team field is to keep the competition elite. One thing that is nice to see from Coach Brey is that he never whined about having more slots in the field when the Irish missed out three straight years. It is understandable to want to help out the coaching fraternity, but a larger NCAA Tournament is not the way.

CBS rates Friday's game as completely even. Over half the country will see the action live. And for a little insight on the other team, there's WinthropFans.com. Not quite ElonFans, but it will have to do. I love hearing the press pick Winthrop to win. Keep it coming. Nothing like a chance in the first round to just cut loose.

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