Monday, March 05, 2007

New Unis

I touched a bit on the LeBron patches tOSU will wear for the rest of the season. It's obviously a Nike stunt (Nike makes the jerseys), but I can't believe that the university would allow such a ridiculous addition. Then I saw these pictures. Completely speechless.

To real news: ND 20th in the AP, 16th in the Coaches Poll. That should lock up a 6 seed at worst.

Big East:

1) Georgetown (11): 176 pts.
2) Louisville: 158 pts.
3) Pittsburgh: 155 pts.
4) Notre Dame: 143 pts.
5) Marquette: 131 pts.
6) Villanova: 122 pts.
7) Syracuse: 113 pts.
8) West Virginia: 99 pts.
9) DePaul: 91 pts.
10) Providence: 75 pts.
11) Connecticut: 61 pts.
12) St. John's: 60 pts.
13) Seton Hall: 43 pts.
14) South Florida: 34 pts.
15) Rutgers: 23 pts.
16) Cincinnati: 12 pts.

Player of the Week: Herbert Hill, Providence and Scottie Reynolds, Villanova
Freshman of the Week: Scottie Reynolds, Villanova


Anonymous said...

call me old-school, but nike is so weird.

tosu has no shame.

bracketology has nd @ #6 vs. winthrop.

BlackandGreen said...

Winthrop's marquee win came against... Missouri State. Next highest RPI W's are Old Dominion and Mississippi State.

They did play UNC and Wisconsin tight (OT against the Badgers). Other losses were to Maryland by 11 and Texas A&M by 20. They take care of business against the cupcakes and are decent against good teams.

Winthrop is certainly no team to be overlooked, but I would feel confident about that first round matchup.

c-stone said...

Anytime a team starts fididdling with uniforms, it probably means they should be focusing on the guys wearing the uni's instead.

Bryan said...

Hey Black and green,

Might you be willing to plug my BET preview on my website:

Would really appreciate it. Also if you have an interest in syndicating it (or next week's column on the NCAA tournamaent), let me know...

BlackandGreen said...

Good stuff, Brian. I dropped a link for you.

Anonymous said...

Don't get me wrong, I think the uniforms are ugly, but I'm surprised they haven't made an appearance sooner. This type of gear is extremely popular and high-selling. It also provides a tactical advantage. A defender can't grab your jersey and will have a harder time keeping a body on you in the post if your jersey is skin tight. I first thought this in the Sydney Olympics when i saw some foreign women's teams wearing spandex.

BlackandGreen said...

True. I just don't know how you'd shoot in the things. There's a reason basketball jerseys are tank tops. At the very least, it must be awkward to transition during the middle of a season.

On the same topic, are there no rules about what teams can wear? I had never conceived that there would be this drastic a change before.