Sunday, February 25, 2007

Big East Ballot

1. Georgetown- Big win, now tops in conference
2. Pittsburgh- Two big games left, could fall to #3 by year end
3. Louisville- Overcame last test at UCONN, solidified 3 seed
4. ND- Beat Marquette, all but locked up bye
5. Syracuse- Only other team with chance for bye, need two wins and luck
6. Marquette- Admittedly underrated last week, but are 1-4 in last five games
7. West Virginia
8. DePaul
9. Villanova
10. Providence
11. Connecticut- Drop big opportunity, may not win again in regular season
12. St John's- Should lose to Duke, but still make BET
13. Seton Hall
14. South Florida
15. Rutgers- Beat Cincy twice and Seton Hall at home, let's hope they aren't saving anything
16. Cincinnati

Player of the Week- Herbert Hill- Providence
Freshman of the Week- Luke Harangody or Tory Jackson? Bamm-Bamm held the slight scoring edge on Saturday, but Jackson wins out with 34 points, 16 rebounds, and 13 assists in two big games.

Player of the Week was a tougher choice. Most of the freshmen would have made good selections, but I wanted to pick an upperclassman. Hill gets the nod for a great individual effort in the loss to Syracuse.

Dyson dropped 40 this week, Reynolds had 50, and Harangody had more points and rebounds, but neither contributed as well in a third category. That and you gotta win. Sorry, Scottie.


BlackandGreen said...

4 seed??!! Fine with me!

Anonymous said...

this guy is an idiot. teams from the same conference cannot meet in the tournament until the sweet 16. I counted four different possible same conference matchups in the second round...anyone who knows enough about "bracketology" would be aware of that, so i wouldnt count on this being a credible source for anything. Having said that, a 4 seed is not impossible, though i like the 5 seed spot in Columbus.

BlackandGreen said...

Yeah, take every bracket prediction with a grain of salt. We even dropped in a couple.

ESPN has us as a 6. I don't like Lunardi a lot, but he's the closest thing to an expert.