Thursday, February 15, 2007

Providence Pre-Game

A few real quick comments before the game tonight.

First, that cheer you heard last night was me celebrating DePaul's upset of Marquette. We need the Blue Demons to look at least respectable here on in. Their win sure makes the Marquette game look good for us and soothes a bit of the hurt from last week.

On a more serious note, I'd like to start a discussion on John Amechi and homosexuality in sports. I'll go deeper into the subject later in the week, but first let me comment on Tim Hardaway's words. The former NBA star "hates" gay people and "wouldn't even be a part of [a team with a homosexual in the locker room]."

Whatever your outlook on homosexuality (I'm not a big proponent of the lifestyle, but certainly wouldn't look down on gay people), you have to be disgusted by Hardaway's words. I can understand feeling awkward at first. I can understand secretly not wishing to have to deal with a situation like that. However, such hatred and immature comments (prefaced by a childish "ew" if you heard it on the radio) is what spreads the seeds of bigotry in our world. Shame on Tim Hardaway for his pathetic outlook on other human beings.

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Anonymous said...

The Hardaway thing is a nonissue. It was just a washed up pro shootin his mouth off when the spotlight came around to him. Now he is backtracking, because the NBA will no longer need his services as a face for the originization (lose in personal revenue). Until a superstar comes out as gay this topic will remain a nonissue.

Unfortunately the Hardaway thing has gotten so much press that the anti-gay sentiment cannot be revoked. The damage has been done and that is not a good thing.