Sunday, February 04, 2007

Big East Ballot

1. Pittsburgh
2. Marquette
3. Georgetown
4. Louisville
5. West Virginia
6. ND
7. Syracuse
8. Providence
9. Villanova
10. DePaul
11. Seton Hall
12. St John's
13. South Florida
14. Connecticut
15. Rutgers
16. Cincinnati

Player of the Week- McHugh Mattis- South Florida
Freshman of the Week- Eugene Harvey- Seton Hall


Anonymous said...

the only solice i took from this loss is that we were beaten by a man named McHugh. What a fantastic name.

Anonymous said...

'Nova's too low in my opinion. Great poll other than that.

Bryan said...

You know, call me pesimistic, but it's just starting to dawn on me how terrible that South Florida is. Typical Mike Brey, just so typical...

I'll go this far: ND is no longer a 'slam dunk' lock for the NCAAs, which is inexcusable in my opinion. All of ND's good wins are losing their luster with each passing day (the best win now is that WVA win), and they now have 2 terrible losses on their resume...The next 4 are all winnable games against lesser opponents. Need all 4...Or else it's your commonplace Mike Brey season (beat teams they aren't supposed to, loss to teams they aren't supposed to + a few buzzerbeater losses sprinkled in)

BlackandGreen said...

I'm a bit of a Brey apologist, so take my comments as you will, but...

USF really should've beaten Marquette. The Bulls have been handled equally by Pitt, UCONN, and us on the road, but in the Sun Dome have generally performed better. Connecticut got handled by a much worse Rutgers team, but no one has completely written off the 3-6 Huskies yet.

It was a bad loss against a pretty poor opponent on the road, but we were without Kurz, had some foul trouble, and started two freshmen. I'm not willing to blame this all on Brey, mostly because he has done a lot with this team already so far. I didn't think we'd even be talking NCAAs a few months ago, but we're still in very good shape.