Monday, February 26, 2007

Rankings and Blog Schedule

22nd and 17th in the Polls. Need to take care of Rutgers to stay that high for now.

Big East Rankings:
1) Georgetown (18): 288 pts.
2) Pittsburgh: 267 pts.
3) Louisville: 252 pts.
4) Notre Dame: 233 pts.
5) Marquette: 208 pts.
6) Syracuse: 193 pts.
7) West Virginia: 184 pts.
8) Villanova: 167 pts.
9) DePaul: 142 pts.
10) Providence: 135 pts.
11) Connecticut: 109 pts.
12) St. John's: 87 pts.
13) Seton Hall: 72 pts.
14) South Florida: 52 pts.
15) Rutgers: 38 pts.
16) Cincinnati: 18 pts.

Player of the Week: Jeff Green, Georgetown
Freshman of the Week: Luke Harangody, Notre Dame

Irish a solid fourth, with Bamm-Bamm getting the nod from the bloggers. In the league, Tory is the official Freshman of the Week. Congrats to both.

With a week between games, a little housekeeping:

Obviously, the Black and Green you know and love will stay the same through ND's elimination from postseason play/national championship. Throughout March and early April, also look for tournament predictions and updates. Once the entire tournament is over, however, feel free to check in periodically as I make a few CQ posts as well as anything that pops up concerning ND hoops.

But that's still pretty far off. Here's to being on the verge of another NCAA bid!


Anonymous said...

although Syracuse's win prevents ND from locking up the bye tonight, hopefully it will give the team more purpose to go into the RAC and destroy Rutgers to ensure they keep that 4th spot. QUESTION: i cant remember...does the big east tournament re-seed after the first round?

BlackandGreen said...

I guess on a positive note, it means the Irish have something to play for on Saturday. I was really hoping to lock the bye up tonight, though.

I do not believe there is any re-seeding in the BET. The 4 seed will play either #5 or #12 in the conference, depending on the outcome.

c-stone said...

I think it's interesting to see how some of the Big East teams have realigned since early in the season. Syracuse showed tonight that they're not as bad as they were when ND won in the Terror Dome, while GTown--as this DC area resident predicted--laid a brick, and fell to earth a bit. Meanwhile, Louisville has steadily been improving throughout the year.

GT and Pitt seem to surivive with better players, while teams like Syracuse and LVille have better coaching.

c-stone said...

Obviously, the Black and Green you know and love will stay the same through ND's elimination from postseason play/national championship.

So, does this mean you've already eliminated in your mind the possibility of ND winning it all this year?

BlackandGreen said...

Sorry, I tried to make it concise. What I meant to say was the site will stay the same until ND loses or wins the national championship. The confusion is understandable.

As a Cubs fan, I could never eliminate the possibility of winning it all. One step at a time, though...