Monday, February 19, 2007

Big East Ballot

The Irish are back in the Top 25 at 23rd in the Coaches Poll, 1 vote behind a school with the same record (BYU?!). Anyways, the writers have a way to go, with ND receiving the 35th most votes, behind Alabama and Maryland. Go figure.

The Blogger Power Poll was delayed a day, so here are my updated rankings:

1. Pittsburgh
2. Georgetown
3. ND
4. Louisville
5. West Virginia
6. Syracuse
7. Marquette
8. DePaul
9. Villanova
10. Providence
11. St John's
12. Connecticut
13. Seton Hall
14. South Florida
15. Rutgers
16. Cincinnati

Player of the Week- Colin Falls- Notre Dame- Gets the nod over Dyson and all other contenders with two wins this week, playing without the best scorer on the team and putting ND in the position to get a BET bye.
Freshman of the Week- Jerome Dyson- Connecticut


Bryan said...


Just saying

Anonymous said...

What a homer--ND third in BE poll? You got to be kidding me. Falls, BE Player of the Week? At least those who actually vote, saw Jeff Green's two games versus Nova and WV, which included key shots, points, rebounds, and an astouding 8 blocks in the Nova game. Enjoy your blog, but tone done the homerism.

JohnF said...

"and putting ND in the position to get a BET bid."

Did you mean "and putting ND in the position to get a BET bye."?

Anonymous said...

i think ND is the 5th best team in the league, but we still may get the 4th spot with a win over Marquette. ND's conference schedule was very favorable compared to the other Big East teams. Not that they didnt deserve an easy scheduling year after having to play UCONN, SU, and PITT two times a year for many seasons in a row.

Anonymous said...

and marquette is not 7th, or 6th or 5th...

BlackandGreen said...


So I took a little heat for that poll. Green got the nod from the Big East, but Falls was on the Honor Roll. Colin scored more points and had to be a bit of a one-man show last week. Just sayin'. Thanks, I did mean Big East bye. My bad.

As for 3rd place, the Irish should be favored Saturday vs. Marquette. They've already beaten the rest of the teams 4-8. Don't understand the problem there. Louisville has a better record, but we beat them.

Sure, the Irish had easy scheduling, but head-to-head ND has owned the teams vying for a bye.

BlackandGreen said...

Marquette lost to #6 Syracuse by bunches at home. I'll admit I ranked WVU a little too high because of their win over UCLA without giving Marquette enough credit for beating Pitt (and West Virginia by 18).

Really, I'm not trying to hose Marquette... that badly.