Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tyler Zeller Possibly Out for Year

Adding to the loss of Hansbrough for the beginning of the season, Luke's brother broke his wrist on a dunk last night against Kentucky. Andy Katz cautions not to assume the worst as of yet, but multiple fractures requiring surgery would likely end his season.

You have to feel for this guy, especially with his connections to ND. The injury likely means Hansbrough will be back for Maui, though Carolina will try to keep him from rushing and possibly hurting himself more.


MJenks said...

Tar Heel Fan is reporting that Zeller's out for the year, but I think it's also based on the same rumors that Goodman cited in the FOXSports report.

MJenks said...

As an update, Tyler Zeller had surgery last night on the wrist and is expected to miss 12-16 weeks with the injury.

BlackandGreen said...

Could be back for the tournament, or not. My money's on him sitting this season out and getting a hardship waiver for a possible fifth year.

MJenks said...

I dunno. The guys on the radio this morning where talking like he's a two-year player.

But, I'm with you. I think he sits the rest of the year and then slides into that void left by the other Tyler when he (finally) graduates.