Thursday, November 06, 2008

Tom Knight Commits

Irish added another man to the recruiting class of 2009, with the commitment of Tom Knight. Knight is a three-star power forward. At 6'8", 245 pounds, he is bigger than classmates Mike Broghammer and Jack Cooley. Hopefully he will turn out to be a good mix of power and athletic ability. You'll notice I don't comment a lot on recruiting, which is mostly due to what a crap shoot this can turn out to be. Nonetheless, good to add another guy to the Notre Dame family.

Also, Brady Quinn gets his first NFL start and looks very impressive (knock on wood) through three quarters. Good luck Brady!


MJenks said...

I think recruiting has a more immediate impact on basketball than football, and is therefore a little less of a crapshoot.

That being said, it's up to the coaches to be able to utilize and cultivate the talent they have. Occasionally, you get a Carmelo or Eric Gordon, where you don't need to do a whole lot, but for the most part good players will always help a program rise.

BlackandGreen said...

The problem (maybe that's the wrong word) with Notre Dame is that we are not going to get the blue chip one year guys. Instead, it's a focus on solid, if not great, players who will make the team better.

I like that we have that focus, but it makes following recruiting a bit tough. For every four-star recruit who turns into a stud (a la McAlarney and Harangody) you have guys who don't cut it for some reason.

Our best pick up (according to since 2002 was Torin Francis. Rick Cornett was a four-star, Russell Carter only a two. While Duke and UNC would laugh at the prospect of a three-star recruit even riding the end of the bench, Coach Brey has made successful starters out of players like Ayers and Hillesland.