Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Other Notes

Uh-oh. SI Cover Jinx.

Actually, it's nice to see the Irish get some love (6th might be a little high, but any press is good press). I'm also surprised that Harangody was not picked to be the cover boy. Close together bird of prey eyes are not in style this year, apparently.

Recruits are official

More on that tomorrow, but some good analysis of the new guys. Three big men and a wing (though Brooks has played the point before). It will be interesting to see how this class turns out. Taking three guys at similar positions might be overkill, but at least one or two should turn into very solid starters. There might even be a Harangody in the bunch, who knows. I would tab Cooley as the top talent, one of our first two commits who plays a lot like Luke.

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