Saturday, November 15, 2008

USC Upstate Preview

Not a whole lot to say about the Michigan State wannabes. USC Upstate traveled to Georgia yesterday and fell 72-48. The Bulldogs are a solid team (remember their crazy run to the SEC title last year?), but should not be on the same level as Notre Dame. The Irish should be able to control all aspects of the game against a tired Spartan team.

USCU did hold the edge in rebounding against Georgia, with Nik Schneiders and Bobby Davis in double figures. Only Davis and De'Marion Gordon off the bench scored double digit points. Assist to turnover rate was just horrid... 8 to 29. 7'3" Schnieders could cause some trouble with his height, but the next tallest player is 6'7".

The football team won today, which is a happy change no matter how tense the last two minutes went. I'll take a victory over a squad with a winning record whenever we can get it today. There are plenty of people calling for Charlie Weis' head these days and I won't agree or disagree with them, but after last season's fiasco 6-4 seems like heaven.

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