Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dick Vitale Quote of the Night

Talking about how Notre Dame could play North Carolina in the Maui finals:

"We could have Harangody going up against uh, uh... going up against Hansbrough."

Oh yeah, that National Player of the Year guy. The one on the bench in the game he's calling. That's right sports fans, Luke Harangody's so good he makes analysts forget the name of the best player in the country.

Dan Shulman mentioned a possible Zeller-Zeller matchup after that. It would be interesting to see how many other schools have two pairs of brothers (Zeller and Hansbrough for ND and UNC) on their respective rosters.


BlackandGreen said...

Another similarity between the schools: Tyler Hansbrough doesn't wear a shirt and tie with his suit.

Anonymous said...

I really hope this happens, though I must confess Carolina looked scary good tonight. I think it would be fantastic opportunity just to see how we match up against a team with 3 guys who could have gone pro last year.

BlackandGreen said...

Carolina's clearly the best team in the country. Obviously Notre Dame will have to win two games to get to them, so no getting ahead of ourselves, but I think it would be a good test for this group. They should be big underdogs, but would benefit from a game against the top dogs win or lose.

MJenks said...

Carolina's good, sure, but Kentucky is bad. Not Indiana bad, but bad nonetheless.