Monday, November 24, 2008

Halftime in Maui: Indiana

The Irish came out very strong in the first half against Indiana and lead 44-23. Some issues with shot selection and transition defense, but hard to argue with a twenty-one point advantage.

I really like Jay Bilas as a color guy. Bill Raftery can get annoying very quickly, but Bilas is spot-on with every comment. Put him with Gus Johnson and I'll watch every game.

Kyle McAlarney has forced shots all game. I first thought he was getting desperate after being shut out in LA. Then, he starting making those things. 25 footers, off-balance, left foot in front, just money. The fact that his shot fake from 30 feet worked is proof of Crean's respect for #23. Welcome back, Mac.

Tory is getting some love for being one of the best point guards in the country. A few great decisions on the fast break override a couple turnovers. He also successfully took the ball to the rim when the offense was in a bit of a funk early.

Ayers has made a few good shots. Harangody looks like himself on offense, but has made a few mistakes against Pritchard on D. Nash and Peoples really stepped it up with Hillesland in foul trouble. Both with good rebounding numbers. And Luke Zeller has been very impressive inside and out, prompting the commentators to talk about how much he has improved. If he plays this well all year, who will I complain about?

Off to a quick dinner before the second half. Go Irish!

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