Saturday, November 29, 2008

Harangody With Pneumonia

Out the next two games. That's awful to hear, but if we can get him close to 100% for Ohio State, nothing should be lost on the bottom line. With this news, his performance against UNC is extra impressive. Get well soon 'Gody!

EDIT: I haven't heard any other news sources backing up that 2 game prediction, so it could be more. I'm no doctor, but if his disease is bacteria-based it could be treated with antibiotics and be done in a week. Viral based pneumonia is more serious, perhaps keeping him out up to a month.

No matter what, I agree with Coach Brey's assessment that Luke's health is the biggest priority. Though Ohio State might be a difficult game without him, the Irish will have more opportunities for other players against non-conference cupcakes.


Anonymous said...

I hear hes going to be on the bench today.

BlackandGreen said...

He should be, though he spent the weekend in Scherervlle. At least we will be able to see how the big man looks in person.