Saturday, December 30, 2006

Some Calm After the Storm

Following up on my addendum to the last post, McAlarney should play today. He practiced yesterday following the arrest and will be in the starting lineup (Link).

Part of me wishes that Brey would use a different lineup today to help the looming transition to a post-KMac offense. It would be easier for Jackson to start his first time against Stony Brook than Louisville. Anyway, today will be the last time we see K-Mac in the lineup for a long, long time.

Some people would like to hope that this suspension will be no longer than 3-4 games. Unfortunately, I cannot see his punishment being that light. Best case scenario, Kyle is done for the season and suspended by the University for a semester. Worst case, McAlarney will no longer be a part of this University in a week or two.

We will see how the Irish stack up against Stony Brook tonight. Hopefully another big win can propel them into Big East play.

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