Thursday, December 28, 2006

Long Time, No See

It's been a while since the last post. This one comes just before the Rider game.

Of course, the biggest news to share is that Bobby Knight has a chance to become the record holder for most wins in college ball tonight vs. UNLV. So what you will about the man, he knows how to coach. He has been succesful at three different schools and has kept the same attitude that has gotten him wins while facing serious adversity. From a basketball standpoint, he is brilliant.

Now here is the part that bugs 90% of college basketball fans: Bob Knight is crude, immature, and cannot keep his hands to himself. I can't believe that he is a bad guy, but his actions point to a serious anger problem. We all learned in grade school that violence is bad. Bobby Knight must understand that, but when he gets angry (which is most of the time), the General cannot control his emotions.

In the workplace, this would be dealt with. However, we have seen coaches continue their careers through drug addictions, drinking problems, sex scandals, and petty crime. All that matters in sports today is production on the field. Coach Knight has a problem, and letting him continue to coach young men in a high-intensity environment is like letting an alcoholic run the bar. Problems will happen.

Tonight, or New Year's Day, or later, the record will be broken. It will be broken by a man who gets the most out of his players and truly loves his job. Unfortunately, Bobby Knight is no role model, but rather a man with a violent anger problem. Let us stand up and applaud the achievement, but not the way in which it was achieved. Shame on the NCAA for letting this man continue to coach the game at the highest collegiate level. Shame on Texas Tech for making wins more important that integrity. Shame on us all for not making a bigger stand on this topic.

Any questions? Just ask Neil Reed, Richard Mandeville, Butch Carter, Thomas Mikunda, Ron Felling, and many, many, many more.

Congratulations on a terrific achievement, Coach Knight. It might be the crowning jewel in a Hall of Fame career. I just wish you could keep your hands to yourself.

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