Sunday, December 03, 2006

Maryland Half-Time Report

No TV, so I'm forced to watch the game on CBS Sportsline, and guess as to what's really going on.

Down 32-29, all in all a solid half. Carter leads the team with 9 points, 3-5 with a deep 3-pointer. 3 rebounds for Hillesland and McAlarney each. Only assist of the game goes to Hillesland as well.

Starting lineups the same. Tory Jackson had the most time off the bench with 9 minutes. We need to be more physical down low, having been outrebounded 18-12, including 4 offensive boards given up. The shooting was bad, only 10-30, but only down 3 at the break makes the second half look positive. With Kurz having 3 fouls already, Bamm-Bamm needs a lot of positive minutes. Hopefully he will get the nod over Zeller, who has been ineffective thus far.

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