Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve Post

Advent is a lot like March Madness. The first couple of weeks, there are a bunch of surprises and upsets (a virgin bearing a child!), but in the end all that matters is if your team wins (Jesus has never not been born, so I guess that makes the Christians undefeated).

That means Hannukah is the NIT. It means everything to our Jewish brothers and sisters, but it gets terrible publicity. Now, just saying "Happy Holidays" brands you as an atheist.

So the big day's tomorrow and not much goes on in the world of college basketball during this time of year. Ohio State got crushed by #4 Florida, leading many to believe the Buckeyes are terribly overrated. Southern Cal upset #8 Wichita State, the Shockers' second loss in as many nights. That's it, no more top 25 games scheduled until Wednesday.

Why not catch a little college football? I'm sure Our Lady of the Blind playing East Northwestern Central State Community College will be a fun game to watch. That'll take place in the Bowl in front of a crowd consisting of the players' parents and not much else.

Case in point, the New Mexico Bowl pitted San Jose State vs. New Mexico on the Lobos' home field. NM did have a great year in 2006, going 6-6, with beating opponents who won a whopping 35% of their games. I can see the marketing campaign. "Are you a mediocre program in the Mountain West Conference? We have a bowl for you!"

Of course, Christmas is a time for family, not sporting events. That's why I'm selling my 10th Anniversary TMX Elmo for 70 bucks on eBay. That'll make some kid's holiday bright! The money will also go towards paying off all the credit card debt acquired buying gifts for all the other rotten children in the world. Christmas? Bah, humbug!

I hope this post is getting you in the holiday spirit.

Seriously, with all the commercial pressures and sporting pleasures tempting the American citizen tomorrow, the best plan is usually just doing less. Nothing beats a good night watching It's a Wonderful Life on TV with the family. Good luck kicking back tomorrow and enjoying what's really important. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

-Black and Green

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