Thursday, December 14, 2006

Back From the Dead, and Ken Pomeroy

I spoke too soon. is alive and kicking as of 3:40 today. I also take back any derogative thoughts I may have had about Phoenix fans. For a small school not known for athletic excellence, Elon does have a solid following. That, or we are witnessing one person's deep and varied conversations with him or herself.

Nonetheless, we do have some topics relating to Notre Dame basketball to talk about. Andy Katz named Notre Dame the team of the week today. Nice to see the Irish get some national cred, but I wish Katz would do enough research to get the day of the week of the Alabama game correct (he said Saturday).

Elon is 1-6, the only win coming against Montreat College. Who? Exactly. That could be it this year for the Phoenix as Ken Pomeroy projects a whopping 0 wins the rest of the season. Given that Pomeroy also projects Notre Dame as having a 100% chance of winning the game, I guess we can all stay home.

Messing around with Pomeroy's projections a little more (see Notre Dame here), it looks like the Irish play only one tough game the rest of the season, at Villanova. Slightly more realistically, the Irish project to a 25-4 overall record, 13-3 in conference. I'd like to see those numbers before the Alabama win.

Also, Chris Chalko has a homecoming on Saturday. The 6-8 Elon senior is a graduate of Mishawaka Marian High School (not the Catholic school next to campus, their archrivals across town).

Chris Quinn got some good PT last night, 11 minutes. He netted four points, including a circus layup that shot to #1 on ESPN's Top 10. Kudos to the former Irish captain.

That's all for today, folks. Two days 'til Elon.

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Adam said...

Well, to say we don't have athletic excellence may be a bit misleading. We have been an at large to the NCAA baseball tourney for 2 of 8 D-I years. We've been ranked in baseball numerous times as well as Soccer and Tennis. And we're consistently a top 50 baseball program in the nation. And a couple of NAIA football championships.

And, I wouldn't call us too small. After all, we are bigger than Wake Forest who is just 45 minutes away and almost as big as Duke who's 30 minutes away.

Struggling now in basketball, yes. Bad overall, not a chance.