Wednesday, March 05, 2008

St. John's Preview


Justin Burrell- 11.2 PPG, 6.1 RPG
Anthony Mason Jr.- 13.7 PPG, 4.5 RPG, 37% 3PA
Eugene Lawrence- 7.8 PPG, 3.5 APG, 26% 3PA
D.J. Kennedy- 7.6 PPG, 5.8 RPG, 37% 3PA
Malik Boothe- 3.0 PPG, 2.3 APG, 18% 3PA


Larry Wright- 9.0 PPG, 1.4 RPG, 39% 3PA, 19.0 MPG
Paris Horne- 4.9 PPG, 2.3 RPG, 37% 3PA, 14.6 MPG
Sean Evans- 3.1 PPG, 2.5 RPG, 13.8 MPG
Tomas Jasiulionis- 2.2 PPG, 1.8 RPG, 11.4 MPG

Sorry for the late (and rather lame) post today.

We need a victory tomorrow to finish up a perfect season at home. Shouldn't be too hard, but there are no easy victories in this league.


Bryan said...

Just a point of warning (b/c I've been thinking of it recently): A typical, TYPICAL Brey move would be to lose that game @USF, then lose to a tough Marquette team in round 2 and watch ND's seed PLUMMET to the 6-8 range. So 2 next 2 are really must win, no excuses....

Anonymous said...

If you can't make it to the JACC (like me), get out your rabbit ears again. Game's on ch. 69 over the air, and 269 on digital cable.

Anonymous said...

Here's to Rob Kurz as he enters his last home game. What a great representative for ND. He's the glue that holds this team together. The closest player to Jim Dolan in the mid-80's I've seen put on an Irish uniform.

Anonymous said...

69 has horrible reception, kurz is importnant but jackson is the glue-guy

Anonymous said...

I just want all you Irish Fans to know how bad your team is. They are TERRIBLE up by 12 at the half and can't cover the spread of 16.5 against St.Johns 11-17 (3-8road). Come on how far do you really think they are going to go in the Big Dance?????? Not passed the first round they will choke and we all know not to put money on the choke artists!!!!!!!!! There is no way they should be 19 in the country with a 6-6 road record you're lucky you only play 12 on the road or you would be a brutal 6-10 road record and a 12-0 home record and would need to win your tourny to get in!! That means no AT LARGE for your donkey ass team!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You gotta love the idiots.

BlackandGreen said...

Quality contribution, thanks.

I wonder what school this guy is a fan of. Maybe he's just mad that he bet the farm on ND covering.

Anonymous said...


Judging from the Pitt Blather blog... well, maybe I shouldn't go there.