Friday, March 21, 2008

A Couple Upsets

My bracket was perfect yesterday, but has been destroyed by a few upsets today. Great to see Western Kentucky's win over Drake. Drake would have been a feel good story if they went deep, but had their season ended by a buzzer beating three in OT. One of the best games I have seen in the last few tournaments.

Missed San Diego beating UCONN today, but that looked like a great one as well. There goes one of my Final Four squads. Mark WKU and San Diego on your calendar for Sunday. Both teams playing for the pride of being the year's Cinderella.

EDIT: What is in the water in Tampa? San Diego and Western Kentucky both win, 13 and 12 seeds respectively, and 13 seed Siena is handling Vanderbilt 46-34 at the half. Feel free to bet the farm on Villanova tonight against Clemson. No way the favorite wins that game.

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