Thursday, March 13, 2008

Happy Luke Harangody Day

Remember the date: March 13, 2008. That's when Luke Harangody officially became a household name.

Sports Illustrated's Luke Winn wrote a couple good pieces on the big man. Here's his magazine article. Also, a blog post online with more tidbits on what it is like to be a Harangody.

Adding to this year's awards, Harangody picked up an honorable mention slot in ESPN's All-American team. That makes him one of the ten best players in the nation.

What's that? Yes, even more. This time from ESPN's Adam Rittenberg on Kyle McAlarney's return to the team after last season.


Anonymous said...

Indeed. Shame he didn't show up tonight against Marquette.

Bryan said...

You think Mike Brey will ever win a big game again?

I mean, I know I'm always on him, but maybe, JUST MAYBE, he could have seen the zone wasn't working a LITTLE earlier than with 2 minutes left, seeing as Marquette was shooting about 70% in the second half?!! Would that have been too much to F-ing ASK!!????!!!!

What a diaster....Would have been handed a 3 seed with a win thanks to LV and UConn's loss, and a big fat no show!!!!! Congrats Mike, you let me be blinded by the glare off the COY trophies, and i'm remembering that the last big game ND won was vs Illinois 5 years AGO!

Let's just say that pulling an 0-2 postseason isn't gonna sit well at this point...