Tuesday, January 29, 2008


As we look forward to the two home games this week, a fun note about the two promotions that will be taking place for the Providence and DePaul games. Thursday's contest will be "Camo Night" supporting the armed forces. Free camouflage t-shirts for all the fans in the chairbacks. Coach Brey has a great relationship with out men and women in the fighting forces and it is nice to see a promotion like this. In addition, Saturday's game is a "Blackout," following last season's successful promotion in the win against #4 Alabama. That was a great game and great atmosphere, so hopefully the crowds at both contests will be large in number and ready to cheer the Irish on to victory.

In the Big East tonight, South Florida takes on Marquette up at the Bradley Center. The only other ranked contest involved #8 Tennessee travelling to Alabama.

Not much in the way of news, except for Jim Calhoun's response to the media investigating his two suspended players. Obviously the reporters look into these things for their jobs. Kind of an overreaction by Calhoun, but that's why his players love him. He is willing to protect them no matter the alcohol (and possible marijuana) charges they face. Of course, it's hard for this Notre Dame blogger to cast stones in any direction following last year's incident with Kyle McAlarney. Hopefully the UCONN players will make the kind of return to school that Kyle has been able to make.

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Jason Richard said...

Here's hoping it's a good game. Love the tribute to the armed forces.