Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year's Day

It's a fun day for sports fans to start the year. On NBC, the outdoor hockey game in Buffalo is going to overtime. Not a huge NHL fan, but 70,000 fans out in the elements is a good change of pace.

The Big East season officially starts tonight, with Cincinnati and Louisville playing at Freedom Hall. The Cards get a boost from David Padgett returning after a fractured kneecap (ouch!) six weeks ago.

Of course, the football games are all day, culminating in the Rose and Sugar Bowls tonight. Enjoy.


Bryan said...

ND reallly has a tough first 6 BE games. I'd love to get out of it 4-2, but you'd almost have to sign up for 3-3 right now. Tomorrow is HUGE b/c it could really set the tone for a good year AND keep the home winning streak alive...

Anonymous said...

Ditto that. Tomorrow's game could end up being one of the biggies of the year in terms of importance for ND. I hope the atmosphere at the Joyce reflects the significance of the game!

Btw, kudos to the guy that writes this blog. There aren't many places for a core ND hoops fan to get his fix. Thanks!

BlackandGreen said...

I can see us going 3-3 and holding serve at home. Splitting those games would have to be viewed as a success.

It's going to be tough to take care of business against West Virginia and UCONN, but two wins will definitely go far to helping the team's confidence and tournament resume.

Thanks for the comments and keep reading the blog!