Monday, January 28, 2008

Big East Bloggers Poll

This Week's Power Poll Results for 1/28/2008 (1st Place Votes in Parentheses):

1) Georgetown (23): 368 points.
2) Louisville: 324 points.
3) Notre Dame: 304 points.
4) Connecticut: 280 points.
5) Marquette: 279 points.
6) West Virginia: 273 points.
7) Pittsburgh: 258 points.
8) Villanova: 174 points.
9) Seton Hall: 163 points.
10) Cincinnati: 159 points.
11) Syracuse : 157 points.
12) DePaul: 128 points.
13) Providence: 113 points.
14) Rutgers: 72 points.
15) South Florida: 44 points.
16) St. John's: 32 points.

Co-Players of the Week: Brian Laing, Seton Hall and Anthony Mason Jr, St. John's.. Laing, a senior, led Seton Hall to two victories last week scoring 22 points and grabbing 13 rebounds at Providence and adding 23 points and 8 rebounds in Sunday's win over Cincinnati. Mason, a junior, was the lone bright spot in two losses by the Redstorm last week, scoring 58 of St. Johns' 114 last week in losses to Pittsburgh and Louisville.

Freshman of the Week: Mike Coburn. The Rutgers guard scored 23 points against Villanova and followed that up with 17 against Pittsburgh, hitting all five of his three-point attempts leading RU to their first two conference wins of the season.


BlackandGreen said...

Received votes in both national polls. Good to see the Irish back on the national landscape.

Anonymous said...

looks like the other bloggers agreed with my views on cincy, shu,louisville, and marquette ;)
i'm just kidding, usually i think your ballot is dead-on

BlackandGreen said...

Ha, tough crowd this week. Hopefully the league will start to shake itself out this week. Or not... it's nice to have a wide open field.

Bryan said...

UConn's win last night confirmed it. UConn is #2-3 in the conference. I still think Pitt should be 2. Past that, everyone else is too close to call