Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Big East Preview

Two articles to read as the conference season starts tomorrow: first from the Chicago Tribune, breaking down every team in the Big East, and second from today's SBT, hitting closer to home.

Revisiting my predictions from the beginning of the year, this is how I believe the season will fall for the Irish:

J 03 West Virginia- W
J 05 Connecticut- W
J 12 @ Marquette- L
J 15 Cincinnati- W
J 19 @ Georgetown- L
J 26 @ Villanova- L
J 31 Providence- W
F 02 DePaul- W
F 06 @ Seton Hall- W
F 09 Marquette- W
F 13 @ Connecticut- L
F 17 @ Rutgers- W
F 21 Pittsburgh- L
F 24 Syracuse- W
F 28 @ Louisville- L
M 02 @ DePaul- W
M 05 St. John's- W
M 08 @ South Florida- W

I still think a 12-6 conference record is in order for this team, but some of the individual games are still up in the air. I will keep the home game against Pitt as a loss, but with all their injuries and the latest loss to Dayton the Panthers are a big quesion mark. Ken Pomeroy predicts both Marquette games and tomorrow's contest against West Virginia as losses. I have to think that the Irish will be able to take the home half against the Golden Eagles and the optimist in me doesn't want the winning streak to be broken just yet. The Irish are four point underdogs against the Mountaineers and have a 35% chance of winning.

As far as conference standings, I have to think that 12 wins in the expanded schedule will be enough for 4th place and a first round bye. 11 wins should solidify a top-six finish and NCAA bid, while 10 banishes Notre Dame to the bubble.

I will break down West Virginia for everyone tomorrow. Here's to a big win and starting off 2008 on the right foot.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully the bball team will be hungover from the fball game last nite. Go Irish!!!

BlackandGreen said...

Agreed. Luckily Notre Dame doesn't have to worry about having a football team in a bowl game...

Anonymous said...