Thursday, January 24, 2008

Not Another Boring Midweek Post...

A week between games is always too long. There's just not that much to talk about for seven days after double-digit road losses.

I used to like Duke. The players don't get into a lot of trouble (unless they play lacrosse), win consistently, and graduate (when they stay 4 years). Now, I can't watch a Blue Devil game without thinking of Greg Paulus kicking and screaming on the floor against Florida State. Obviously, the Dookies have had their fill of arrogant little rich kids but for some reason it has never bothered me until now. Maybe its the bias for Coach Brey's assistant coaching years. Or I just have a soft spot for a private school succeeding in a sport a la Notre Dame football. Whatever the case, I'm definitely off the Blue Devil bandwagon now. For the rest of you who who were never on to begin with, I apologize for my delay.

Around the country, Duke beat Va. Tech pretty easily. #14 Butler won after having three seniors sit behind the Iowa bench at a game against Indiana. The three players received clearance from the NCAA to play. In a week of scandals, that's kind of a weird one. Xavier had little trouble defeating fellow ranked Catholic A-10 team Dayton at home and Arizona took down #6 Washington State. Nice upset for interim head coach Kevin O'Neill.

Tomorrow we'll go to the opponent preview and of course it will be back to normal after the game Saturday. Enjoy Friday.

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