Monday, February 11, 2008

Notre Dame Tournament Resume- Part 1

With just over half the conference season complete for the Irish, here are some key numbers that will be important come Selection Sunday:

Notre Dame-
RPI- 27
SOS- 81
Key Wins-
#32 Kansas State @ New York, 68-59
#10 Connecticut, 73-67
@ #61 Seton Hall, 95-69
Bad Losses-
@ #31 Marquette, 92-66
@ #8 Georgetown, 84-65
Bracket Project Projected Seed- 5 (as of 2/11)
High Seeding- 3 (CBS Sportsline 2/7)
Low Seeding- 7 (Sporting News 2/6)

We're getting closer to the point when that kind of stuff will actually matter, but still a lot of basketball to be played. A 5-seed seems just about right for this team and I'd love to wear the black jerseys in the second round. Let's make this happen.

To the NBE Basketball Report, where the Power Poll will be coming out later today (please don't let me be the only voter with Louisville #1). Notre Dame has the #1 conference RPI based on strength of schedule and wins so far. Most importantly, that means the rest of the year will be filled with easier competition. Having the 13th ranked schedule the rest of the way puts the Irish in the driver's seat for a bye.

Some interesting quotes from the article:

"Georgetown, Notre Dame and Connecticut all look to be in excellent position for three of the four conference tournament byes. UConn faces the 2nd easiest schedule down the stretch and after their home date with Notre Dame this week they have it down-right easy (or as easy as the big East will allow). Georgetown closes with a road game at Marquette and battle with Louisville and has to go to Syracuse. The Irish Have UConn coming up and home dates with Pitt and Syracuse, but close out with an easy schedule in their last three. You can almost pencil those three in today as among the top four."

"It would be a surprise to me if the four byes are not earned by Georgetown, Connecticut, Notre Dame and Louisville. Determining 5-10, however, is a complete crapshoot coming down the stretch."

EDIT: We are a three-seed in the latest ESPN Bracketology as well, though that has not been updated in the Bracket Project yet. Also 18th nationally in the Coaches' Poll and 20th in the AP Poll.


Anonymous said...

I thought "bad" losses were usually considered as those to 100+ rpi teams, because the rpi does not take margin of victory into account? I could maybe understand if you were personally calling them bad losses, but you still have to give the irish a break in 2 very tough roadies.

BlackandGreen said...

I think you're right... not sure if there is any "official" criteria for "bad losses," but most common is just listing the losses to 100+ RPI teams.

Listing the Marquette and Georgetown losses may be a little overkill on my part, especially given how the Irish avenged the prior defeat to the Golden Eagles Saturday.

BlackandGreen said...

The committee takes everything into account, from RPI to individual results, so being uncompetitive in some road games would play a factor.

Of course, that is less a problem this season than in years past, as the Irish are not currently on the bubble and have some solid road wins to counter those losses.

Evilmonkeycma said...

Don't worry... I voted Louisville #1 as well. Seriously... who else could you vote for? G'town? Marquette? Notre Dame?