Saturday, February 23, 2008

Kyle McAlarney Interview

Great interview with Kyle McAlarney at the BoxScore Banter podcast.

It's great to hear a Notre Dame player being interviewed. Kyle is very knowledgable and articulate, providing well-developed responses to every question. His breakdown of Syracuse in preparation for tomorrow's game shows a great awareness of college basketball and a high hoops IQ.

Around the country, we have a great matchup with #1 Memphis and #2 Tennessee playing at 9 tonight on ESPN. Should be a very good game and I'm looking forward to seeing this Tiger team for the first time.

College Gameday was on hand today, of course. It was interesting to hear Digger, Hubert Davis, and Jay Bilas discuss the events at Indiana. Hubert doesn't do a lot for me, but Bilas is one of the best analysts in the sport. Digger took a huge swipe at the players for skipping Dakich's first practice, epsecially captain DJ White. He mentioned that Dakich should sit all six guys in the Northwestern game as punishment for skipping out on their team. I am inclined to agree with that, especially regarding White. I would understand a Sampson recruit like Eric Gordon having emotional ties to the coach, but a captain is held to a higher standard.

That's it for today. Cheer for Cincinnati and Villanova upsets to clear the logjam at the top of the conference. Irish need to win tomorrow and keep the streak alive.

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