Thursday, February 28, 2008

Stats for You to Chew On

First 10 Minutes- Louisville 34, Notre Dame 16
Last 30 Minutes- Notre Dame 69, Louisville 56

6 Losses-

McAlarney- 7.8 PPG, 9-37, 24% from three
Harangody- 26.3 PPG, 11.5 RPG

Wins Over Top 25 RPI Teams-

AP #17 Notre Dame- 3 (Connecticut, Marquette, and Pittsburgh)
#1 Tennessee- 3
#2 Memphis- 3
#3 North Carolina- 3
#5 Texas- 3
#6 Kansas- 1
#8 Stanford- 3
#9 Xavier- 1
#10 Wisconsin- 3

You get the picture...


Bryan said...

More proof you can use obscure facts to prove anything....

Comparing ND's Top 25 wins to Memphis, Tenn, UNC, and Texas's quality wins is a joke, right? Pitt and Marquette aren't even in the class of some of the teams Texas beat...

Sorry man, but this doesn't prove anything

BlackandGreen said...

The point was not to make a case for Notre Dame as a top 10 team (they're not), but to point out the similarities between the Irish and the established upper-echelon teams.

Yes, its a small sample size and is varies to the scheduling of the programs. However, when you don't play anyone out of conference (283rd ranked schedule) and have the same number of wins over top tier programs as the best teams in the country, it is worthy of mention.

When we watch one team play live 20 times a year and have some emotional connection to the team, it's easy to nitpick and tear apart the team's faults. Sometimes, especially after a loss, its nice to remind oneself that the sky really isn't falling.

Maybe I'm just too positive...