Wednesday, February 27, 2008

More Preview

Nice job by Mike Coffey (El Kabong at breaking down the matchup.

He goes into more detail regarding Terrence Williams than I did in the preview. Williams is an interesting matchup problem as a small forward that takes up a large portion of his team's gameplan. Obviously Sam Young was a similar story when we played Pittsburgh. Young scored 20 against us in that victory.

Zach Hillesland and Ryan Ayers will be called upon to shut down Williams on defense. If Zach struggles early on with that task, look to see lots of Ryan the rest of the game as he is the better defender between the two. Williams has two big weaknesses- free throws and three pointers. The key will be to play off #1 and make him take some outside shots (1 for his last 11 from 3 point range). When he does drive, sending Williams to the foul line is not a problem. He shoots 56% from the stripe and has missed five straight over two games. Of course, he can produce without just making baskets as his 7 rebounds and 5 assists made up for a below average game scoring against Pittsburgh.

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