Monday, February 04, 2008

Big East Bloggers Poll

1) Georgetown (19): 319 points.
2) Notre Dame: 280 points.
3) Connecticut: 270 points.
4) Marquette (1): 265 points.
5) Louisville: 259 points.
6) Pittsburgh: 206 points.
7) West Virginia: 203 points.
8) Syracuse: 186 points.
9) Seton Hall: 153 points.
10) Cincinnati: 145 points.
11) Villanova: 113 points.
12) Providence: 100 points.
13) DePaul: 97 points.
14) Rutgers: 56 points.
15) St. John’s: 45 points.
16) South Florida: 23 points.

Player of the Week: Luke Harangody.. Harangody, a sophomore at Notre Dame, continues to make his case for the Big East Conference’s Player of the Year with a monster week. The 6’8 bull averaged 30 PPG and 14 rebounds in wins over Providence College and DePaul last week!

Freshman of the Week: DeJuan Blair. The Pittsburgh big man recorded double-doubles in a win over Villanova and a loss at Connecticut.


BlackandGreen said...

Not bad this week... voted for the Big East Freshman and Player of the Week. Most of the teams in the rankings lined up with my ballot.

Bryan- The voters agreed with me on the ND/UCONN vote by just a little. If the Irish lose in Storrs, I'll eat some crow for you.

Anonymous said...

who gave marquette a 1st place vote? geez...but yeah you did a good job this week, syracuse is hot right now, and i think the rest of the bloggers have them too low

Anonymous said...

woooo! Ranked in both polls (#21 & #22). woooo!

Beast of the East said...

Hey, awesome blog. Was hoping you could post a link to my Seton Hall blog on your right side bar -

Bryan said...

I'm still pretty confused by this. I guess everyone is giving ND more credit than I am, but still, I like UConn has a better resume right now. I know it's not the purpose of that poll, but if the season ended today, UConn would be a 4-5 seed and ND would be a 7 seed b/c their big OOC win (Indiana) is better than ND's (KSU) and ND is getting a rep for being a "home warrior" that can't keeping road games close

Bryan said...

Not to start anything, but is there a chance that the pollsters are getting lazy and just copying the standings? Kinda liek how the football coaches never do any research for the coaches poll...

B/c that could explain the high # of 2nd place votes for ND. A lazy blogger going "Damn I'm busy this week, Look ND's in 2nd place, I'll make them #2"

Anonymous said...

Bryan, as of now, within big east play, ND's RPI is #2 and it's SOS is #1. I think you definitely have an argument that, at least on the road, Conecticut has shown more this season, but ND's #2 ranking in the conference & in the blogger polls is certainly not unearned.

Bryan said...

But see, is THAT what the poll measures, JUST BE RPI and SOS? B/c that would mean that if ND beat UNC or Memphis tomorrow (if it was actaully scheduled), they would get NO credit in this poll (when you could make a legit case fro them being #1 in those circumstances), just like it seems like UConn's win over Indiana isn't getting them much credit...

IMO, I think Uconn's win over Indiana TRUMPS the h2h lose at ND and should have been enough to get them to #2. But the pollsters don't agree, which is little surprising...

I also think Uconn has more talent, but i assume the poll is results based.

We are nitpicking here though. It's a debate b/t 2 & 3. The gap after 3 has been established with Marquette loss yetersday

BlackandGreen said...

I agree that we're nitpicking, but you make some good points.

1. I obviously place a higher premium on head-to-head games than you do. When two teams are so evenly matched, I'd like to give credit to the team that got the W. Now, that may be a bit unfair due to the home advatage for ND, but I'd like to give the Irish credit for their head-to-head win. Obviously things could change depending on the result in Storrs. If the Irish win, it solidifies by argument. If Connecticut wins, the head-to-head is a wash.

2. Conference standings certainly play a role. No one can watch every team play. Still, I made my decision based on the ND win over Connecticut, so personally the standings did not affect my rankings in this case.

3. Overall, we're obviously splitting hairs. Both national polls ranked UCONN ahead of Notre Dame. Still, most of the conference voters selected ND at #2 (note that some agreed with you as well). This argument really can't be settled until the second head-to-head matchup. Right now, Notre Dame's earlier win give them the edge in my view. Obviously the Huskies beating Indiana is a huge boost, but we'll never know for sure how the Irish would have matched up against them (I agree that we probably would not have won).

Finally, the 2-3 spot is pretty interchangable at this point in the year. There is still plenty of time for both teams to solidify their placements at the top of the conference.

Anonymous said...

bryan,i think you have to wait a bit on uconn. indiana is grossly overrated, their best win is, uhhh illinois state or southern illinois?
kstate beat both a&m and kansas. head-to-head and a better league record trump a uconns recent hot streak in my book.