Monday, February 11, 2008

Big East Bloggers Poll

This Week’s Power Poll Results for 2/11/2008 (1st Place Votes in Parentheses):

1) Georgetown (13): 339 points.
2) Louisville (6): 324 points.
3) Notre Dame (1): 306 points.
4) Connecticut (2): 302 points.
5) Pittsburgh: 256 points.
6) Marquette: 249 points.
7) Syracuse: 208 points. *tie
7) West Virginia: 208 points. *tie
9) Cincinnati: 173 points.
10) Seton Hall: 148 points.
11) Villanova: 132 points.
12) DePaul: 116 points.
13) St. John’s: 84 points.
14) Providence: 81 points.
15) Rutgers: 41 points.
16) South Florida: 25 points.

Player of the Week: Luke Harangody.
Freshman of the Week: Jonny Flynn.

Georgetown keeps their lead at the top despite a loss to Louisville, backing up Bryan's thoughts about who should be #1. However, the Cards do move up to 2nd place thanks to 6 first place votes. I'm glad to see both Notre Dame and Connecticut receive some recognition as well. The top 4 are clearly the class of the league and are very close in competition.

Also, congrats to Luke Harangody. He wins Player of the Week despite lacking my vote. He is on the weekly Honor Roll for the official Big East awards, losing out to Jeff Adrien.


Anonymous said...

Just had to comment. That call at the end of the Villanove/Georgetown game was simply ridiculous. That game should have gone to OT.

BlackandGreen said...

Didn't catch the game (honestly I thought it would be a G'town blowout) but the recap sounds ridiculous. I'll have to watch the video online.

BlackandGreen said...

Just saw the video. Unbelievable. If you're Jay Wright, what do you say to your players?

Tennessee/Rutgers women was ever worse. Home clock operator stops clock at 0.2 to give Vols a chance to win. Terrible officiating all around.

Anonymous said...

The Rutgers coach was nearly in tears after the game and I can understand why.

Bryan said...

My brother went to Villanova (or was it a street corner?), so I had a semi-rooting interest in that one, plus I wanted GT to lose for ND...

Anyway, to make a call like that IN THE BACK COURT with that much time left is beyond ridiculous. I hate the BE refs. They all come across as crotchety old men who'd rather be somewhere else. "Oh no, Bingo starts at 10, can't let this game go to OT"

The Tenn/Rutgers game is another example in my long held conspriracy theory that W-CBB is rigged.

Anonymous said...

when they showed Jay Wright talking to the ref right after it happened you could clearly seeing him saying "how could you make that call?" crappy way to lose after they fought back from down 12.