Thursday, February 07, 2008

Around the Country

Pitt beat West Virginia at home on a last-second Ronald Ramon 3. That was the only Big East contest of the night. Other games of note include UCLA and Washington State, the top teams in the PAC 10 and #13 Indiana at Illinois. The second contest has gotten a little heated due to the recruiting fiasco of Eric Gordon. The Illini are making a game of it so far... we'll see how that turns out.

Big game Saturday. I'll give you the rundown tomorrow of Marquette.


Bryan said...

Winning the next two (especially in Storres) could get ND thinking about a 4-5 seed. And it would be pretty impressive. Otherwise, looks like they'll be in the muck of the 7-9 range

Bryan said...

Look at that RPI climb! 29 as on this morning :)

I don't care what ppl say about the comittee "not looking at RPI as much"...I seen too many times where it's a been a 'lazy crutch' for the committee, thus making it pretty important in my book

BlackandGreen said...

It might not be a deciding factor for the committee, but it definitely plays a role.

For the Irish, having a high RPI is great to contrast the soft OOC schedule. Let's keep that number in the 20s and try to avoid a 6+ seed. A 5 seed would be perfect for this bunch, easier first round opponent and the underdog for a Sweet 16 bid.

Anonymous said...

Though a five seed landed us Winthrop last year...

That said, this is a much better team.

I'm thinking if we take Marquette, Pittsburg & Syracuse & one of the UConn Louisville road games, we'll end up a 4.

BlackandGreen said...

We were a six-seed last year, but point well taken. The opponent makes a huge difference as well. We played a ranked opponent seeded 11th (not sure what the committee was thinking with that). Even so, some teams always play above their seedings to create the upsets we have come to love.

As for a potential 4 seeding, I have to agree with you. Beating the likes of Marquette, Connecticut, Louisville, etc. is no small task, but would be rewarding on Selection Sunday.