Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Seton Hall BET Preview

Seton Hall-
Pomeroy Ranking- 57th
Record- 19-11 (9-9)
Best Win- Pittsburgh (ranked 27th)
Worst Loss- South Florida (ranked 72nd)
Pomeroy Prediction- ND 80-79

Key Players-
#21 Jeremy Hazell- 21.1 PPG, 3.4 RPG, 35.0% 3PA- Dropped 35 on the Irish who came in talking a big game after shutting down Dominique Jones. Production has dropped off somewhat recently as he has not been the team's leading scorer in the past four games.
#32 Jeff Robinson- 11.8 PPG, 5.6 RPG- Production has hovered in the teens since the ND game in February. Has gotten in foul trouble in three of the past four games.
#15 Herb Pope- 11.8 PPG, 11.1 RPG- Has stepped it up lately. Didn't score in double digits for nine straight, but has had two 20+ outbursts in the past three game.

Last Game- Seton Hall 90-87

-This was the game we lost Harangody to an injured knee.
-Irish clawed back from a ten-point halftime deficit to pull the game close in the second half.
-Tory Jackson scored 25, going 9-12 from the field.


notre damian said...

another "play in" game for the irish. win & the irish r in.

Unknown said...

The irish are in either way.

I figure they are the 6th or 7th last team in right now. It would take solid runs from everybody below them as well as 6 teams on the outside looking in for them to lose their spot.

No way this happens particularly with Butler, Northern Iowa, Sienna, etc... all taking care of business.

Keaton McDonald said...

Joe...I not sure why everybody is so quick to say we wont get in...we have done everything right the past month....and i honestly believe ending hot and beating 4 ranked teams is better than SH...even if they did beat us....Joe LIndardi who picked 63 of 64 last year doesnt even have us on last 4 in...

The bubble is so weak this year....Illinois and Florida pretty much need to win it all and that wont happen....San Diego needs to win the tourney to get in....and Arizona State plays Washington in Semi's who are both on the bubble....

Unless something crazy happens...we are in....but a win tonight would sure be lovely!