Thursday, March 11, 2010

*BET Semis*

So here's the deal. I will be without internet from tomorrow morning to Sunday night. I did not predict that this would be an issue at all when the trip was planned. I will do my very best to figure out how to do some (limited) blogging via Blackberry. Go Irish, keep this going!


David said...


You didn't think ND would be in the semi-finals? For shame!:-)

Thanks for all the hard work. Go Irish

Unknown said...

Anybody else frustrated playing these teams we already beat?

Not only is there no revenge factor for us, but it also makes for a less impressive profile.

Say we beat Nova instead of Pitt and tomorrow we beat Syracuse instead of WVU.

Instead of our marquee wins being

Wvu (x2) Pitt (x2) Marquette Gtown

they would be

Wvu Pitt Cuse Nova Marquette Gtown

I guess I just had to find something to be negative about. Good Washinton State-esque win tonight.

Unknown said...

Also gotta like our prospects for a 7 seed now. I think one more win would guarantee it.

Texas, Ok State, Clemson, Wake Forest, Louisvile, and Missouri all lost early. These are the teams that were directly ahead of us. I think with our two quality wins over SHU and Pitt we should leapfrog most if not all of them.

Then again, I could see us getting an 8 Seed getting Kansas in the 2nd round.

Anonymous said...

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