Sunday, March 21, 2010


After four seasons, it is time to call it quits. What started as just a side project for my own satisfaction grew into a pretty respectable site with followers from around the world (seriously, Marco's holiday e-mails from Italy were the best). With time constraints adding up and an extended stay in Uganda planned for next spring, I simply can no longer count on providing the same kind of coverage that I have expected from myself over the past few years.

This really has been a tremendous ride and I would encourage anyone who is considering starting their own blog to jump into in wholeheartedly. At the beginning, this site was just something I started on a whim to kill some free time. 793 posts later, I can sign off with the firm knowledge that I have grown as a basketball fan and leave with no regrets.

For future reference, Rakes of Mallow is probably the most professional ND hoops blog out there. Be sure to check that out if you need a new place to read up on Irish basketball. Matt Mattare's blog is also a pretty good upstart. Of course, if you think you can do it better, the internet is always ready for someone new to enter the conversation.

And finally, thanks to everyone who has read and contributed to the blog over the past few years. This site would be pointless without your interaction. I hope you have enjoyed the ride as much as I have and I'm looking forward to continuing to cheer on the Irish in the future along with you.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all of your input, very insightful. Good luck on your endevours and will miss checking the blog daily if not twice during the season.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to miss your blog. You've kept me and thousands of other ND fan-actics informed with crisp game re-caps and balanced criticism. Your knowledge of the game and insight into the ND men's basketball program made your blog one of the best out there.

So you are going to Uganda next spring? Be safe and bring a basketball with you. I'm sure they could use a good coach out there!

Best of luck, from a proud Dad.

Anonymous said...

Thank You for Ur time and commitment to your blog, it was always my first and really only site for ND basketball information.

Wish you the best in the future, Ur site will be missed.

Be safe.

Fred Benson said...

793 posts, and one of the best blogs on ND basketball. Are you still going to follow the Irish while you're in Europe? Thanks for your support of ND hoops from all of us Notre Dame fans!

Bob said...

Thanks a million! You will be sorely missed!

David said...

I'll avoid the obvious 'Kamala' reference here. Enjoy yourself in Uganda.

Thanks for everything.

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for the blog over the last few years. I've really enjoyed reading it. Best of luck in Uganda and wherever life takes you after that. And of course, Go Irish.

SanDiegoTim said...

Really nice job. I appreciated all of your insight and analysis. Your blog will be missed. Good luck!