Friday, March 05, 2010

Marquette Preview

Pomeroy Ranking- 19th
Record- 20-9 (11-6)
Best Win- Xavier (ranked 20th)
Worst Loss- DePaul (ranked 165th)
Pomeroy Prediction- Marquette 75-67

Key Players-
#32 Lazar Hayward- 18.0 PPG, 8.0 RPG, 33.5% 3PA- Has been Mr. Reliable for the Golden Eagles this year. Eight double-doubles to his credit.
#33 Jimmy Butler- 15.2 PPG, 6.5 RPG, 50.0% 3PA- Takes very few three pointers, but has made half of them. Good for 6 or 7 boards just about every game.
#1 Darius Johnson-Odom- 13.0 PPG, 2.7 RPG, 48.9% 3PA- Dead-eye shooter from long range. Went 4-6 from downtown for 22 points against Louisville.

Scouting Report-

In the top ten nationally in fewest turnovers allowed.
7th in the nation in three-point percentage.
Block very few shots on defense.


Anonymous said...

We crushed U of L on Tuesday without much help from Lazar and Jimmy.

Ryan said...

Where can we watch this? ND's site says it airs on the Big East Network - is that a pay per network? I have Comcast and am wondering if channel 269 (WMYS) might carry it in the Michiana area?

If not available on tv, will it air live on ND's site?

BlackandGreen said...

Big East Network games typically show up on ESPN360. You can check there tomorrow.

Meghan said...

if you get MASN (mid atlantic sports network), they are showing a replay at midnight. not much use, but the best i'm getting in the South...

Domer Dan said...

The game is on Comcast 269 locally

Brian said...

Just heard from Seth Davis on CBS. Luke is going to play. I really hope this little injury time shows him we do not him to score 30 to win. I really hope that he can somehow play like the Luke from his Sophomore year. I think that is when he was at his best. If we play like we have played the last 3 games, and he plays like that, I think we can be very dangerous.

David said...

Lazar Haywood must be in his 8th year at Marquette.

Surely, he passed his bar exam by now.

We're battling. Let's go Irish.

Brian said...



I cannot believe that, Scott's shot was so huge, maybe season saving.

David said...

Huge win. Wow.


Anonymous said...

It's a shame SCOTT wasn't good enough to play the first twenty seven games... Good for you Carlton!

Keaton McDonald said...


Get your dancin' shoes on boys....

Unknown said...

Loved the foul call by Brey at the end of OT. 7 seconds and 2.5 makes a big difference.

When is the last time we won a game where we shot 14% from 3?

Loved the effort, didn't give up when I definitely already had

David said...

nice call, Joe.

Marquette should've fouled at the end of regulation (Who don't all coaches just foul?), and it cost them.

Smart move by Brey.

As an aside: Did anyone else know that Zach Hillsland does some writing for the NY Times? I just discovered this info this morning. Good for him.