Friday, March 12, 2010

BET Semis Live Blogging

Pregame: test

7:34- Gtown up 26-21. Two Catholic schools, so it's a bit tough to decide who to cheer for.

8:02- 37-34 Gtown at the half. I've decided to cheer against the Hoyas now. Personal reasons (their admissions department).

8:51- Georgetown for the win. Let's go Irish.

10:09- Down 17-12. Tory is struggling. Abro and Hansbrough also not shooting well. What else is new.

10:25- Down 23-20 at the half. Not too bad, it's a slow pace, which is good.

11:01- Have to shut down Da'Sean Butler. He is killing us right now.

11:26- Down 48-45. Bring it back!

11:45- 53-51 not the end of the world, sorry about the bad blogging. See you Sunday.


Meghan said...

Quote from Bilas "How good would West Virginia be if they could shoot?"

Meghan said...

Do we have a game plan tonight? because nothing about our playing looks deliberate.

DJ said...

Poor shooting. Abromitis was disappointing. Harangody was often invisible. Hansbrough was very good.

The next time we shoot this poorly, the season's over. At least there will be a next time.

Brian said...

There are no words to describe how much Bob Huggins sucks at life. I don't know if there is someone I loathe as much as him. Calipari is close, but he is just sleezy, Huggins I swear would hit at a 3 year old.

I like the way we play. With that said, in the week off we need to get Abro going again. As much as I wanted to make the Champ game, some rest for Abro would be good. This is his first year of constant play, and his legs look heavy.

We had a great run, WVA is real tough matchup for us. They are long and aggressive on the boards. We got killed on them tonight. There are not to many teams in the country as long as they are.

Hopefully the team can realize how much they accomplished the last 3 weeks and continue working on getting better in this new system. I still think we are going to be a tough out and we are going to give just about anyone a game. I pray we are not an 8/9 seed. Any other seed and I think we have a great shot at the Sweet 16. Get there and who knows, crazier things have happened.

Go Irish!!! Beat first round opponent.

David said...

Not a bad effort, I thought.

WVU is very good, and it took a big game from Butler to beat us. I also like that we have been able to get a key stop in the last possession. I can't be upset with this loss after what this team has accomplished the past three weeks.

Can we avoid the 8/9 game? Every bracket I see has us as an 8 seed. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

Gosh I wish we could win a title of some kind...even this one.

At least we won't have the pressure of a really long win streak heading into the Final Four.


Knobby said...

Bob Huggins is a despicable human being.

Good game all in all. Beautiful look by Tory, couldn't of asked for a better shot.

NCAA here we come.

Unknown said...

NOOOOOOO the worst case scenario is coming to fruition

WVU is making a strong case for a 1 seed, if Duke loses it's theres

ND is probably looking at a 8/9 (Richmond,UNLV, and Cal didn't help us by winning)

Kansas, Kentucky, Syracuse, and WVU could be the 1's meaning we would have to be with UK or Kansas

OderName said...

I decided to wait until morning to post this because I was so disgusted last night that I would have been incoherent. This morning I don't feel much different, just less angry. I don't know if it was the three straight games or having already surpassed expectations, but thought we looked flat, listless, apathetic, and any other synonyms for those three. But it doesn't make sense - how do we put out such a pathetic effort, shoot terribly, and still be within a buzzer-beater of beating the #6 team in the country? I think it's because we are such a good team that my expectations are through the roof right now. We are a better team than West Virginia. I think we beat them 7 out of 10 games on a neutral floor right now. Last night was one of the other three. Hyperbole maybe, but if the Big East season were starting now, I think we would go 15-3. I can't wait for the NCAA's. We can beat anyone in the country right now.

OderName said...

Two more things - I grew up in Louisville a die-hard UofL fan and still bleed red when they're not playing ND. So the three things I hate most on this sports planet are UK, Memphis St. and Cincinnati basketball. That said I don't agree with all ofthe hatred of Bob Huggins. I also don't agree with the reluctance to be an 8-9 seed if it means getting a shot at UK and Calipari, the source of all that is evil in the sports world. Words cannot describe how much I'd love to watch obnoxious UK fans crying at their misfortune.

Doc Hoople said...

8-9 Who gives a rip? We're in and anything can happen. I thought our chances were somewhere between shit and none six games ago. You have to win the first one to play the second. That's something we've had trouble with in the past.

Still can't believe I'm watching the Irish with Brey as the Coach!

Unknown said...

Actually Mike Brey is something like 4-1 in first round games, so not too much trouble there.

Take a look at the 1 seeds, then take a look at the 2-3 seeds. Now tell me you don't give a rip, if you don't you need to follow College Basketball more closely.

Brendan O'Brien said...

Kentucky can be exposed. I would love to see Tory go up against a freshman PG that has been told all season long he is god's gift to basketball. I could see TJ sticking Wall on D and thus gumming up the cogs of the KU offensive machine. Let's get this thing started!

Unknown said...

i think the contrast in styles would be interesting with kentucky.

However, Tory is giving up 5 inches on Wall and a decent amount of speed. Experience edge to Tory but not much else.

Knobby said...

You do have to win the first game to get to the second. Let's hope we get a 7 seed and if not, it's not the end of the world.

With so many Big East teams in it, maybe we will be in the same bracket with West Virginia as an 8 seed. They are far from impossible to beat. Maybe Duke will sneak their way into a number 1, they are beatable as well. And if is Kansas or Kentucky, well crazier things have happened.

I feel if we run "the burn" well, its gonna be competitive no matter what. LIke WV, they are a better team overall. But because we didn't run with them, we limited possesions thus limiting how much they could pull ahead by.

I'm just saying if Tory gets another shot like he did on Friday against a 1 seed, he won't miss it.

Keaton McDonald said...

its amazing how fans many of you guys are upset and think we played flat and blah blah blah...

It was their thrid straight game...playing a team who had an extra day of rest....and a team who is honestly a little better than us....what do you expect?? We came close....we should have won, but come on, dont demote what this team has been doing....

Sit back, relax, and be happy we can watch the Irish dancing again after a long two year drought....

Go Irish!!!

Bob said...

6 Seed, ODU, maybe Baylor then Nova!

Very interesting seeding. Probably the easier region.

Anonymous said...

Old dominion is a very talented team, very good on defence.