Sunday, March 07, 2010

All-Big East

Congrats to Luke Harangody for making first team All-Conference and Tim Abromaitis for making Honorable Mention.


Brian said...

First, congrats to Luke and Tim on great seasons.

Everyone seems to think the ND is a lock for the NCAA Tournament, and while I think they are in a great position, I do not think they are a lock. I am terribly worried that if we lose to Seton Hall on Wednesday they will get in over us. I know we have more "good wins", but we also have more "bad loses." Also, if we lose to them we will have finished 10-9 over the Big East season, Seton Hall would then be 11-9, and assuming they lose their next game, would be 11-10. However, that isn't what worries me the most. It will be that we lost to them twice.

I would love to avenge that loss to Seton Hall, and I believe we are the better team. I am just pointing out that the above scenario is a possibility, especially with our history of poor play in the BEC. I have always felt over the years that the Selection Committee generally does not give us the benefit of the doubt (case in point 2007 when we went 14-4 and made the Big East Semis, and were awarded with a 6 seed against Winthrop).

Now, with all the negativity out of the way, GO IRISH!! This run has been the most exciting basketball ND has played in a while, and I am excited about Tory and Luke getting one last shot at a possible run in NCAA's. So lets get that one more win and lock it up. ( I will be rooting for Providence to upset Seton Hall though.)

David said...


Good point. I remember being stunned with that #6 seed after playing Georgetown hard in the Big East semis, I believe. We got stuck playing Winthrop, who was the chick upset pick that year.

I think we're safe for this reason:

What bubble teams are 'playing their way in?' Rhode Island lost @ UMASS, Miss. St. got smoked at home, UAB blew a lead to UTEP, UCONN's demise is well-documented, and Northern Iowa won their tournament which ensures just one bid for the Missouri Valley.

As an aside: This may be inconsequential, but St. Louis has quietly played very good basketball, which may help our very weak non-conference slate.

Andy Katz said we're in regardless, but Doug Gottleib said no.

In years past, we have been passed over by the committee for struggling down the stretch (ie: losing to Rutgers in the first round in 2005), but this year, we get 4 quality wins to close out the season. Gottleib said that the past two weeks "doesn't offset" losses to LMU, Rutgers, etc. Well, which is it?

Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

Go Irish.

Brian said...


I agree with you. I think we are safe as well. I guess I was just pointing out a scenario that would keep us out, and I was bring up the selection committee because they certainly have not done us any favors over the years.

I completely discredit Gottlieb when he speaks of ND. His past has lead him to be incredibly biased against the Irish.

All of the "experts" have us in, and I think we are.

I am just afraid of getting screwed.

Keaton McDonald said...

How could they leave us out?? They look at how you finish.....and were certainly better than any team on the bubble in that category....possibly better than any team not on the bubble as well...

We are above .500 in the toughest conference in basketball....

Linardi says if your star player is out, they look at how you play without him, and then how you will play with him, and I think we solved that puzzle.../

I know we have 3 bad losses, but those were earlier than later, I think our finish should off-set at least 2 of those losses.

I think it would be a huge mistake to leave us out, its almost sad to see schools like Illinois and Florida possibly fighting for our spot, we have done so much more than them to get in!!!

Unknown said...

Gottlieb stole his roommates credit card at Notre Dame and now he is trying to steal our at large bid.

That was pretty lame, but I do think unless teams like Ole Miss, Georgia Tech,Illinois etc... make deep runs in their conference tournys, we will be safe.

An early loss could be good, I always hate getting caught in the 8/9 match-up with the 1 seed looming. Particularly since we would either get Kansas, Kentucky, or Duke (Duke being the only team we would have a shot against imo)

Gimme a 10/11 seed and we can take a shot at those weaker 2/3 seeds.

Anonymous said...

Gottlieb still has nightmares of the video tape of him using another students credit card buying sporting goods at local S.B. store. He can't believe they would kicked him out of school. Get over it Doug, you little thief. Okla St. welcomed you with open arms.

David said...

I agree Joe.

*Assmuming* we get in, there are worse things in the world than getting a #11 seed. A winnable first-round match-up with a chance against a #3 seed in the second round.

The year we beat UNC-Charlotte in the first round, I thought that was a solid team, but we ran into the #1 seed Duke a round later. Game over.

Brian said...

And we gave Duke all they could handle. We were up 5 with about 8 min to go with Chris Thomas shooting 1 and 1 to go up 7. He missed the front end, and Duke came down to hit a 3 and completely changed the game.

I hate being 8/9, I would much rather be 10-12.

Unknown said...

Why no love for Tory Jackson? I would have thought he would have been Honorable Mention. Are there really that many point guard in the conference that are better than him?