Sunday, November 25, 2007

Next weekend I will begin my career as a featured writer at the message board This should be an exciting new venture for me to expand my amateur sports writing career and bring new viewers to this site.

What will be different? Very little on this blog will change. Hopefully starting next weekend I will devote some time to putting together an article on the Irish, the Big East, or college basketball in general. I am planning on posting the article on this site along with the normal Black and Green fare that you know and love.

I encourage everyone to check out this site at your leisure. It should be a fun way to expand this blog's influence in the sports community as well as a great way to gain new information on college basketball.

Tomorrow's game is against Colgate. Look for another big performance from Harangody as the Irish take on the Fighting Dentists.


Anonymous said...

nice. congrats.

twoston elwood said...

Atta-boy!!! I look forward to keepin up on the new site as well.