Thursday, November 08, 2007

Big East Bloggers Poll: Preseason

2007-2008 Big East Pre-season Poll (first place votes in parenthesis):
1) Georgetown (13): 282 pts. Hi: 1st. Low: 3rd.
2) Louisville (5): 274 pts. Hi: 1st. Low: 3rd.
3) Marquette: 243 pts. Hi: 3rd. Low: 5th.
4) Syracuse: 206 pts. Hi: 3rd. Low: 8th.
5) Pittsburgh (tie): 200 pts. Hi: 3rd. Low: 10th.
5) Villanova (tie): 200 pts. Hi: 2nd. Low: 8th.
7) Connecticut: 195 pts. Hi: 3rd. Low: 10th.
8) Providence: 165 pts. Hi: 4th. Low: 10th.
9) Notre Dame: 154 pts. Hi: 5th. Low: 12th
10) West Virginia: 142 pts. Hi: 4th. Low: 11th.
11) Seton Hall: 98 pts. Hi: 9th. Low: 14th.
12) DePaul: 84 pts. Hi: 9th. Low: 16th.
13) Cincinnati: 82 pts. Hi: 10th. Low: 15th.
14) St. John's: 57 pts. Hi: 10th. Low: 16th.
15) South Florida: 35 pts. Hi: 13th. Low: 16th.
16) Rutgers: 31 pts. Hi: 14th. Low: 16th.

Guess who gave Notre Dame their highest placement?

Talk to anyone around the program and they will tell you that 9th is far too low of an expectation for this team. The general perception around the league is that Carter and Falls carried this overachieving team as far as possible last year. However, with an established big man in Kurz returning as well as stacked junior and senior classes, there is no reason why the Irish can't return to the Big East semis once or twice in the next two seasons.

I stand by my prediction for 5th, but would not be surprised if this team returns to the Top 4 this year. Any spot below 6th or 7th would be very disappointing in my opinion.


Bryan said...

Agreed...Last year raised the bar and 9th place would be a great dissappoinmentt, considering the core players returning, and the god awful schedule this year as well....

TB said...

hey now.......Cracked Sidewalks had the Irish at 5th too!