Sunday, November 11, 2007

Boom Goes the Dynamite

Yet another top 25 team falls to a perceived cupcake. This one is extra special for ND fans.

Mercer rolled to a 15 point win over Southern Cal, despite 32 points in O.J. Mayo's debut for the Trojans. Mercer connected on 59% of their shots from the field and never relinquished the lead from the opening bucket.


twoston elwood said...

Hey Black and Green, well done w/ the "Boom Goes the Dynamite" reset. Keep up the good work and we'll keep supporting in Houston. Go Irish!!!

BlackandGreen said...

Ha, I was hoping that would get a response. Go Irish indeed.

Looks like the Rockets are struggling a bit, but its a long season.

twoston elwood said...

Yeah, but T-Mac should be back from the elbow injury tomorrow...28pts and 5 asst should help. Did I just say 5asst??? Tracey, dish the rock. Who do you think you are...Skip to my Lou???