Friday, October 19, 2007

Practice @ 10 Tomorrow

For anyone in South Bend for the USC game, there will be an open practice in the main arena at the J.A.C.C. tomorrow at ten, per Sean Kearney.

Walking around the Joyce Center today I did get the opportunity to speak with Kearney and Gene Cross a little. Both extremely outgoing gentlemen. Cross mentioned his cautious optimism for the season but was certainly excited about our prospects. Kearney went a little more in depth with Luke Harangody's situation, mentioning nothing will be certain until the cast comes off. Until then he is confident that Kurz, Zeller, and Hillesland will be able to hold down the post positions.

Mark Sanchez will start for the Trojans tomorrow at quarterback. Let's hope he hangs out with McCleod Bethel-Thompson on the weekends. I must say that most of the Southern Cal fans I have talked to so far have been civil. I haven't seen any with horns on their heads... yet.

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