Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pomeroy Still Loves Bamm-Bamm

Last season, Ken Pomeroy included our very own Luke Harangody in several of his blog posts. Today, Pomeroy writes about the sophomore big man in a nationwide article on similarity scores.

Luke is most similar to:
Glen Davis, So., 2006, LSU (12.3)
Wendell White, Sr., 2007, UNLV (12.8)
Craig Smith, 2005, Jr., Boston College (14.8)
Curtis Sumpter, Sr., 2007, Villanova (16.2)
Jamaal Williams, Sr., 2006, Washington (16.9)

Interesting that two of those players are Big East guys.

"Analysis should be about more than comparing mug shots, it should be about comparing roles and production. With that in mind, Luke Harangody's production in 2007 plus more minutes in 2008 will produce stats very much like Glen Davis had in 2006. That might be the best example of the insight that similarity scores can give us."

Mind you, Davis was much heavier, topping out at nearly 300 pounds. Still, this coming from an unbiased source is very encouraging. Getting 17 and 10 from a sophomore power forward would give the Irish great hope for a deep postseason run this year. Since Harangody is less a risk of going pro, the post-Rob Kurz era could also be very interesting.

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